This template requires custom fonts. Set them up manually before using this template.
Heading font: Kharkiv Tone
Body text font: Arial

How to set up font:

a. Convert TTF/OTF file to WOFF (you can use this tool CloudConvert)
b. Go to Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Custom Settings → Your Own Font → Upload Font Files
c. Upload Kharkiv-Tone-0410202 to BOLD.
Under "Font Name," enter custom name for the font, e.g., Kharkiv Tone. Save changes.
d. In Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Your Own Font, assign Kharkiv Tone as Heading Font Family Name.
e. Save changes

  • Go to Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Basic Fonts
a. Choose Arial as Body Text Font Family Name
b. Save changes

Save changes. Done!

Learn more about setting up fonts: